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Infinite Golden Retrievers is owned and operated by Sheri McCormick in Fombell, Pennsylvania, established in 2008. Sheri has also been the owner-operator of Creative Canines Mobile Pet Salon LLC since 2002. She has extensive experience in pet care, grooming and training.

I love my dogs and they are members of my family. All of my dogs live in the house on a property with 2 acres and a lake where they live their perfect retriever life! 

 I am a preservation breeder. I breed to uphold the AKC standard and integrity of the Golden Retriever. All of my dogs are health tested for the Golden Retriever Club of America required clearances including OFA hips and elbows, cardiac and eyes. I screen for the current genetic testing available for the breed. Health and temperament are of utmost importance to me and are always the first and foremost in my breeding program. 

 I enjoy and feel it is very important to compete in various venues with my Goldens exhibiting their correct structure, beauty and temperament as well as versatility and intelligence. FORM=FUNCTION We currently compete and have earned many titles in AKC Conformation, Obedience, Rally OB, Hunt Tests and Dock Diving. 

 My dogs are all certified Therapy Dogs or therapy dogs in training. I have been involved in doing pet therapy visits for 20+ years in areas of hospitals, nursing homes, adult day care, assisted living, mental health facilities, colleges and child reading programs. My dogs are also AKC canine ambassadors and are involved in school dog safety presentations. It’s a wonderful way to share my wonderful rays of Gold and give back to the community. 

 I am so blessed to do what I love and be able to share my life with these glorious gifts from GOD. 

 Infinite puppies are raised in my home and have their own nursery until 3 weeks of age. They have Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). Then they are transitioned into our main living area for most of the day where they are exposed to everyday life and activities of the household. They are socialized with friends, family and our other dogs. Each week we add new obstacles and stimulation for them to build confidence and dexterity. The puppies will be litter training and also learning to go potty outside before they go home at 8 weeks. This really helps ease their transition into their new homes. I put everything I have blood, sweat and tears, heart and soul into raising these babies. 

 I am available for the lifetime of your puppy /dog for questions, support , advice etc. Most of our Infinite families keep in touch and I really love that! We have play times and family reunions throughout the year! It’s so nice to see them grow up and blossom! 

 Thanks for your time learning about my little piece of heaven on earth. Blessings — SM

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