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Infinite Goldens is owned and operated by Sheri McCormick in Fombell, Pennsylvania. Sheri has also been the
owner–operator of Creative Canines Mobile Pet Salon since 2001 and has extensive experience in pet care,
grooming and training.

I love my dogs and they are members of my family. The dogs live in the house and are not kenneled. I enjoy many activities with them including swimming, hiking, vacationing and camping. They are always welcome and go just about everywhere with me as they are very well-trained and have excellent temperaments.

All of my dogs are therapy dogs or therapy dogs in training. I believe it is very important to “give back” for all of my blessings. They are such a special breed and I love to “share” them with others.

Temperament is of utmost importance to me. I want to breed only the highest quality when it comes to this. Also the health clearances are a must. I will only use dogs with all of their clearances for breeding. Our puppies are raised in my home and born in their own nursery where I sleeps until they are about 3 weeks old. My puppies are handled and socialized every day from the time they are born. They are exposed to different noises, people, and various surfaces from about 3 weeks on. They are given time in all areas of our house and outside when weather permits, making the experience and transitions to their new
homes easier. I give them different interactive toys to play with as well as some puppy agility obstacles for them to
explore and climb on.

I enjoy spending as much time with the puppies as I possibly can. I get to know their different personalities and traits so I can place each pup with the right family!

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